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Are Calculators Allowed on the GMAT Examination?

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) refers to a test tailored made to determine a student's prospective academic success in regards to business studies. This computer-standardized exam seeks to test English language and mathematical aptitude. Business schools normally use the scores to determine admittance of students to graduate programs. GMAT is mainly taken in the U.S, Canada and other English speaking countries.

GMAT consists of three main sections. These are Analytical writing, Quantitative and Basic Verbal. Both quantitative and basic verbal sections are usually multiple choice. Analytical writing on the other hand requires students to write essays.

One of the most common questions regarding GMAT has to do with the use of calculators. Everyday many people visit search engines trying to find out whether the use of calculators is allowed during the test. Well, this article seeks to answer this question.

Both great and sad news exist with reference to the subject. The great news is that calculators are now allowed for GMAT tests. The bad news is that there are conditions attached to the good news. This is in the fact that this device is only applicable in one section (new integrated reasoning) section. What this means simply is that people who dread mental mathematics can now breathe a sigh of relief. However, there is no doubt that calculations will get tough if not tougher.

Calculators come in handy in the two part analytical questions. Here, students have two variables where they have to solve relatively difficult equation. There is a set of data or information that requires two numbers, which answer whether the statements are true or false. Many possible solutions exist but students need to select only one. The other questions are more about logic and analytical reasoning when answering them.

The key to passing any mathematical test or any test for that matter all dawns downs to thorough practice. This calculator used here is very much the same with that on a Mac or personal computer. This calls for spending substantial amounts of time getting familiarized so as to get used before the exam day. This will go miles in avoiding gaffs during the big day.

Many people are always complaining saying that calculators ought to be applied during the whole test. However, most experts have been on record pointing out that logic and analysis is much more important. The good news is that there are many tutors out there who have the skills to instill the necessary knowledge to students to pass their tests. The important thing is to seek advice and do extensive research prior to sitting for this test.

Have information on the rules and techniques of GMAT is very essential. Once one is equipped with these, the main and only challenge that remains is to know which of these to apply in hard questions. GMAT is very easy with adequate preparation but again very difficult without enough preparation.

In conclusion, yes calculators can be used for GMAT tests but in one section only. This is the new integrated reasoning section. All the best on the test!

Source by Kevin B. Terry