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ITEC Exam Papers – How to Ace Your Exams

ITEC exams can be very difficult so it is vital that you have relevant multiple choice questions similar to what you would get on the ITEC exam papers.

In all ITEC theory exams, you receive an exam paper with 50 multiple choice questions. Each question has four possible answers and you must choose only one answer.

The pass rate for ITEC exams is 60% which is quite high. As a result there isn't much room for error, you need to be confident when going in to sit your ITEC exams.

The best way to study for your exams is to have a large test bank of appropriate revision multiple choice questions. Depending on what subject you are learning, take a number of questions every day and learn these. I would recommend taking 20-30 questions and write them out on a sheet of paper or some record cards.

I find using the record cards are the best way to learn because you can bring them with you if you are out during the day, so for e.g. you can learn them during your commute to and from work.

If you are going to follow this method, you need to always test yourself every week. Don't miss a week, consistency is the most important thing. After each chapter you learn, give yourself a little test. Write out your exam or better still, type it out. Close your books, sit down and answer all the questions. When you are finished, mark the paper and give yourself a percentage. This will enable you to see how strong you are at that particular subject and whether you need more study.

Source by Georgina Ryan