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ITEC Splendor Therapy Test Papers – Sample Queries

ITEC Beauty Treatment examination papers is composed of 50 various alternative queries and have a pass rate of 60%.

When you are performing a Magnificence Therapy diploma you will have to consider about 6 independent exam papers based on how lots of subjects you are getting. The main topics included beneath ITEC Magnificence Therapy are

* Pores and skin & Eye Solutions
* Waxing
* Make Up
* Manicure & Pedicure
* Facial Electrical

When you are revising for your ITEC Attractiveness Therapy exams you need to have a set of sample questions comparable to all those you would find on the ITEC examination papers. As the structure of the examination is multiple selection queries then these would be the finest kind of questions to use for your revision.

Some examples are as follows:

01. Cleansing lotions are
a) Oil centered emulsions
b) H2o in oil emulsions - Reply
c) Oil in water solutions
d) H2o primarily based emulsions

02. What element of the hair can be observed higher than the skin's surface area?
a) Root
b) Shaft - Answer
c) Follicle
d) Bulb

03. Which kind of pores and skin tends to age a lot more swiftly?
a) White - Solution
b) Asian
c) Younger
d) Black

04. Which one particular of the adhering to is not an influence of working with the negative pole on the pores and skin?
a) Softens the pores and skin
b) Stimulates nerve endings
c) Decreases circulation - Answer
d) Provides an alkaline reaction

Your revision system must be structured and organised. If you generate out your plan and hang it on the wall in entrance of your desk, this will make issues a lot more crystal clear. Just take a established of various preference inquiries everyday and master them over and above yet again. If you consistently use this approach you will be really amazed at how immediately your awareness on this issue grows.

Source by Karen L Quinn