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Notice CP-22E From the IRS, Examination Adjustment Notice

When you don't think you owe money in IRS Tax Debt, it can be scary to receive a CP-22E. The entire name of CP22E is "CP-22E Examination Adjustment Notice." The CP 22E lets you know that a correction has been made to your U.S. Tax Return causing a balance due of $5 or more being payable to the IRS. The IRS sends Notice CP 22E from the IRS when alterations are made to an account which causes there to be an unpaid balance being owed when the account wasn't in taxpayer delinquent account (TDA) status before the modifications were made or when the account is going to be filed under TDA status in the present tax cycle.

About IRS Notice CP22E

If adjustments are made to your account causing an unpaid debt due to the IRS, the CP-22E IRS Notice is delivered. The corrections, the balance, and all other relevant facts will be shown in detail in CP-22E. It is vital to understand that the true basis for Notice CP22E from the IRS is to notify you about the debt you owe the IRS. You have to take action fast and work with the IRS as soon as possible to steer clear of huge tax debt.

Making IRS Payments?

The IRS will be expecting full repayment of your IRS Debt immediately. They never care if you didn't make adjustments in your budget, which is generally the case with CP-22E. It's not fair when you get an adjustment notice, such as IRS Notice CP 22E, because you may not have expected having to pay, but the IRS wants you to mail them a payment as soon as possible despite your financial state.

I Should Not Have to Pay the IRS Money, What Should I Do Now?

You, like other individuals who get Notice CP22E from the Internal Revenue Service in the mail, might genuinely believe you do not owe cash to the IRS. You must work quickly and find an expert to help with your case. A tax Debt Specialist will evaluate your specific tax case and see if there are any loopholes to provide you with the best IRS agreement, and possibly even a tax debt settlement deal.

Source by Sandy Hansen