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SNAP Exam – SNAP 2 months study plan

With 60 days to go for SNAP, it’s time to neatly plan out the SNAP 2 months study plan for preparation, before the stress gets up-to you.


SNAP 2 months study plan

Week 1

  • One Mock test per day, you would need about 3 hours daily. By the end of the week, you would have done 6 to 7 tests at least.
  • After every test, follow it up with an in-depth analysis so that you can pinpoint your weak areas and work on them.
  • Start going through the LR books, spend some time daily. This would make these questions more familiar.
  • For General Awareness, keep reading newspapers – this would also help in reading comprehension. Go through textbooks, a daily scanning would help to retain some part of it.
  • Make vocab cards/ buy readymade cards, flip them over every now and then. Strengthen your verbal ability and vocabulary. 

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Week 2

  • Continue with Mocks, by now it would be more familiar.
  • Start working on QA, DI. Basic Maths would be handy, make sure that all that you studied in school is revised – daily now.
  • Continue with concept building, reading, vocab cards. Make it a daily routine.

Week 3 to Week 6

  • Continue with Mocks, by now the questions would start making more sense.
  • It’s time that you should have reached 2 tests per day by week 5. Increase the time spent on your studies.
  • You now will have started to understand your strengths and can find the questions you can attempt quickly from those question banks. This is an asset during exam as it is the score that matters.
  • Keep polishing your concepts, as much as you can, continue with reading, vocab, LR, QA and LR concepts.

Week 7 and Week 8

  • Now that you have brushed your basics, strengthen your concept, it is time to start working on retaining what you know.
  • Stop taking on any new concept. Now it’s better to practice and work on what you know. Anything new at this stage would only add to more confusion.
  • Take as many mock tests as possible now, the actual exam environment should be simulated.
  • Focus on choosing questions to attempt, the questions with too much data, too much length and the one which does not click you in first 30-40 seconds, leave them for that second attempt when you have finished the questions you know.

You are ready now, keep the last four days to relax and make yourself stress-free, a peaceful confident mind can do wonders.