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Writing Score Want to get a high score for your TOEFL exam, but writing isn’t your strong point? You aren’t the only one who finds this part of the exam the hardest one. Most students contact trusted essay writing help services online when they want to get high grades. TOEFL writing part can’t be compared to a simple essay. It isn’t a piece of cake to pass it. But if you take some effort, you can improve your TOEFL writing score. There are 5 methods that can help you to achieve the desired goal effectively. Let’s get started!

Writing Score

Concentrate on the Points the Lecturer Mentioned and Make Notes

It’ll be easier to write an essay if you make clear notes summarizing the ideas expressed at the lecture. You’re strongly recommended to pay special attention to the points that are mentioned by the lecturer and his/her comments regarding these ideas. What are you expected to write about? It must be a summary of what has been told in the lecture as well as on the reading. Your task is to have a look at the lecturer’s response to the major points and the opinion of the author. You should think of the best way to compare the author’s standpoint and the point of view of the professor.

Avoid Plagiarism by Improving Your Paraphrasing Skills

You should develop your paraphrasing skills if you want to get a good score. Otherwise, you risk including plagiarized ideas. Most students make the same mistake – they copy the question in Independent Writing without changing anything. It won’t influence your score in a positive way. Learn to express the same idea using words with similar meanings. A paraphrasing technique is the one you need to master not only for TOEFL writing but for writing any kind of paper. It’s a very useful skill to know how to paraphrase any content so that the idea is the same, but it’s expressed in other words.

Not to spend half an hour on the search for a synonym, practice in paraphrasing daily. You’re recommended to do it with any kind of text. Find a free minute to paraphrase several sentences a day. Even when you go home and see an advertisement, think of the best way to express the same idea in another way. Do paraphrasing with short essays. There are many resources where you can find samples. Read it and try to rewrite it with your own words. If you practice often, you’ll improve your paraphrasing skills quickly. It won’t be a problem for you to find the right words with a similar meaning to any kind of text.

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Brainstorm Original Ideas and Organize Them Properly

Another common mistake students make is when they get started writing immediately. First, you need to brainstorm ideas. Devote some time to thinking about what exactly you’re going to write about. Then, there is one more step you need to make before you move to write itself. It’s the stage of planning. Remember that brilliant idea worth nothing if they aren’t well-organized. So, don’t forget to make an outline, which you’ll follow when writing your essay.
When structuring your answer, you need to be guided by the standard essay structure: an introduction, the main body, the conclusion. Original ideas that are structured properly are the key to success.

Check Your Spelling to Make Sure It’s the Right One

Pay attention to how you spell the words, especially, keywords. Remember that even one wrong letter may change the entire word and the meaning of the sentence. What to do if you aren’t sure how to write the word in the correct way? Paraphrasing will come to the rescue. Just change it to the synonym word. It’s how you’ll avoid misspelling. Also, you should be careful with the verbs that are often confused. These are words, which sound in a similar way but have a completely different meaning and spelling. For example, these are “sea” and “see”; “allowed” and “aloud”; “effect” and “affect”, etc.

Make Sure Your Grammar Is Correct

You may have a brilliant piece of writing that contains original ideas and a proper organization. But if there are grammar mistakes, you won’t get a high score for the TOEFL writing exam. How to avoid wrong grammar structures? Try to avoid too long sentences. No need to make them wordy just to add volume. Your task is to create a clear and concise text with easy-to-read sentences.
If you don’t know how to use a certain grammatical structure correctly, you’re recommended to omit it and paraphrase your sentences. At the same time, you need to bear in mind that “simple” is used in the meaning of “understandable” here. Your sentences shouldn’t sound simple in the bad meaning of this word. Each sentence should demonstrate the knowledge of various patterns. Your score may be lower if you use one and the same grammar structure without showing how rich your vocabulary is. So, try to fill your essay text with different grammar tenses, patterns, synonyms, idioms, etc.
Remember that even if you pass other parts of the TOEFL exam successfully, you won’t get the desired high score without writing. Just follow the effective tips and ways above and be careful. Manage your time so that you have several minutes to look through your piece of writing and edit something, if necessary. Good luck with improving your TOEFL writing score!